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For over fifty years David Stromeyer has lived the vision that shapes his art and his life. Such a vision is a ruthless taskmaster. There is nothing his art demands that he will not do. He works the steel cold, and mostly alone. Wildly creative yet deliberate and disciplined, he pushes up against the limits of materials, tools, and techniques. Steel, humble element of earth and structural workhorse, in Stromeyer's hands becomes a plastic medium. He plays with perception, showing that steel can appear to be everything you think it is not. Each finished piece embodies the spirit and identity of place and maker. 

That every sculpture is unique and different from its predecessor is exciting yet dangerous, presenting unforeseeable hazards, and problems requiring unorthodox solutions. Addressing them with a 'can-do' attitude and confidence gained over decades, Stromeyer the scientist acquired a keen understanding of gravity, torque, and balance. Stromeyer the poet developed profound powers of watchful, sustained, concentration.   

In time, Stromeyer's need for the rich cultural and intellectual offerings of an urban university town drew him and his wife, Sarah, to Austin, Texas for the winter months. The creation of their house, studio, and small 'sculpture park' afforded David yet another design-build opportunity to explore space and movement. 

To experience David Stromeyer's sculpture in urban and corporate, public and private settings is to witness a visual translation. He brings to these varied spaces the same sensitivity to site that makes the pieces at Cold Hollow Sculpture Park appear to have grown out of their ground. 

Stromeyer's dedication to his vision – regardless of the many months required for a project's completion – is rare, indeed. But always the work evolves as technique and imagination reach for the next horizon. Like his art, a paradox of innovation and endurance, Stromeyer has proved himself an American treasure.

A list of previous exhibitions and collections can be found on his complete resume. You can also download the catalog from the 2012 BCA retrospective exhibition.