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Outdoor Sculpture

My work can be found in public and private collections across the US. The pieces presented here are currently available for purchase directly and I can arrange all the details of transport and siting for you. Please click on inquiry link at the end of each "story" to start a discussion.

I have been creating original, unique sculptures for 50 years at my studio in Northern Vermont. My vision drives everything I do. I work abstractly to explore a wide variety of materials potential for expression. The inspiration for a great deal of my art is drawn from forms in motion, and relationships and phenomena found in Nature, music and dance. I draw from all my experiences, encounters and travels, using all the resources of science, engineering and mathematics - in short everything available to me.

From the conceptual to the very material - the joy of imagining something which has never before existed, embracing that abstraction, devising a course for that idea to take form which will involve snuggling up to chaos, all the while refusing to abide by the way things are done and the conventional use of tools, being prepared to stop, turn and start once again - This is my passion.

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