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"Today Stromeyer's property is perhaps the single most inspiring and important art destination in Vermont… The sensation of Stromeyer's work; disbelief followed by awe." - Christopher Thompson, former Chief Curator and Exhibitions Director, BCA Center, Burlington

In 1970 I purchased "The Old Church Farm", 200 acres in the Cold Hollow Mountains of Vermont, just ten miles south of the Canadian Border. Now referred to as "Cold Hollow Iron Works", this land with its five gently rolling, working meadows and the surrounding forests has proved to be an endlessly inspiring place to create and display my sculptures. It provides a setting to experience my work in widely varying weather, seasonal and light conditions.

“In an era when art can be increasingly ephemeral (think digital and video installation), Stromeyer’s sculptures are unabashedly material.”  - Amy Rahn (7.11.12, “Man of Steel” Seven Days)

Cold Hollow Iron Works is where the work on my large metal sculpture takes place. All my pieces are prototypes. I do everything from concept model through assembly of the finished work. To realize my vision, I not only created the studio with its multiple overhead cranes, but also many of my tools both large and small.