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Whim of Iron, 2008, 10' x 15' x 13'

Whim of Iron, 2008, 10' x 15' x 13'

At times over my 50-year career, I have turned to the wind to activate some part of a sculpture.

In this calligraphic work, “Whim of Iron” the top component is mounted with bearings to allow it to turn and assume a variety of positions relative to the other elements. The upper part aligns with the prevailing wind.

Though “Standing Wave” rotates in a plane, the curvature of the form makes it appear to sit up and recline as it turns. Surprisingly, the top seeks a position perpendicular to the prevailing air movement. My experience as a sailor and glider pilot helps me when using the wind.  

In “Primavera” the three aluminum vertical pieces rotate independently of one another.

Finally, in this just finished sculpture, “Da-jo-ji”, the whole stainless-steel upper section tilts in all planes and rotates as well.

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