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Listen Closely, 2012, 9.5’ x 12’ x 13’

Listen Closely, 2012, 9.5’ x 12’ x 13’

“Listen Closely” is the first in a series of four abstract, figuratively-based works. Starting with flat steel plates, I cut and form them to create each figure. By combining them, I am exploring the spatial relationship between the figures and introducing a narrative element open to broad interpretation.

While I use all sorts of materials to develop scale models, in this case sheet plastic was most appropriate, as I can easily heat it to form the bends. The model material seldom suggests the final, full scale material.  

I do virtually all the fabrication on-site using the model as a guide for determining angle and radii of bends as well as how the shapes relate to one another.

Once the fabrication is complete, the parts are sandblasted outside and then return inside for priming and painting.

“Listen Closely” is the last sculpture in the series still available for purchase.

The others, already spoken for, are “Shaping the Void”

 “Things May Have Shifted”

and “If Not Now”.

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