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Hi De Ho Man, 2012, 9’ x 3.5 x 6’

Hi De Ho Man, 2012, 9’ x 3.5 x 6’

This sculpture’s overall shape and crazy patterns loosely reference jazz performer, Cab Calloway and his zoot suit.

He was called the “Hi De Ho Man”.

I started off by designing and building the basic structure in steel, in progress here.

I then developed a geometrically complex base section and built it up from stainless plate.

Once all that was done and welded together, I made paper patterns matching each of the sculpture’s surfaces. I then sectioned those patterns into a grid of foot squares. After breaking the tiles into pieces, I arranged them on top of the patterns.  

Using wide clear tape, I connected all the tiles, then slit the tape mimicking the grid pattern. With the help of a little two-handed device I made for picking up the sections, I was able to transfer each one to the wet epoxy adhesive on the sculpture. Once everything was bonded, the joints were filled with epoxy grout.

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