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Rumba, 2012, 10’ x 5’ x 7’

Rumba, 2012, 10’ x 5’ x 7’

This image shows “Rumba” sited in City Hall Park as part of a 2012 career retrospective sponsored by Burlington City Arts. The contrasting metallic colors give the piece energy and movement and contribute to its ambiguity – is it opening up or closing? The rumba is a four-step dance with a box-like movement. This piece is one of a series of works which are composed of twisted elements and reference various dances.

Before starting the actual fabrication, I had to design and build jigs which would transform the flat plates into twisted ones of various rotations. These were mounted in a hydraulic press of my own design and construction (in background).

Fitting the parts together,

I then weld the joints as necessary.  In this case the whole sculpture is one piece with no disconnecting joints.

Now the work is moved outside for sandblast-cleaning

before coming back inside for painting.

Though it may take days to mask sculptures being finished with multiple colors, it takes only minutes to unwrap them.

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