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Jitterbug, 2014, 22' x 15' x 24'

Jitterbug, 2014, 22' x 15' x 24'

"Jitterbug", like several of my sculptures, was inspired by and evocative of a dance.

In this case, I am twisting, bending and combining the elements to express the energy of this kinetic 1930’s dance.

I developed this model by heating sheet acrylic plastic in an oven and then very quickly forming it. If the results were not to my liking, I put it back in the oven to rewarm. While it is relatively simple to make a twist in plastic using a simple jig, creating twists in heavy steel plate is quite a different matter. Grabbing one end and twisting, simply doesn’t work!

After several days of analyzing the unique properties of a twist, I spent a month building pairs of steel jigs to mount in my hydraulic press.

It was not long before the sculpture got too big to complete in the studio, so outside we went.

My sculptures often move on tractor trailers. Knowing the trailer’s size, I am careful to be sure each part will fit. This determines where parts may need to be bolted together versus welded. The orange lines on the floor indicate the edges of a tractor trailer. I document this for future reference.

I chose these several bold colors to enhance the overall energy of the work and emphasize the related but skewing parts.

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